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How To Take Care Of An Anthurium Pot Plant And Cut Flower!

Anthuriums are one of the prettiest plants bearing beautiful flowers. The plant is eye-catchy owing to the lovely colors it comes in. They are easy to maintain and can re-bloom throughout the year. Anthurium is a Greek name meaning Tail Flower. Because of their distinctive shape and spadix, these plants are also known as Flamingo flower, Hawaiin Heart, and Painted Tongue.. Their open and heart-shaped traits make them a popular hospitality gift.

Anthurium comes in 1000 different species, but there are two main types. – Pot Plant and Cut Flower. Both these variants need the right care and attention so that they bloom for longer. If you are a plant lover or a beginner, anthurium is the perfect choice for you. You can buy anthurium plant online in India from Unlimited Greens. We offer a wide array of plants and pots to meet the aesthetic needs of your interiors as well as outdoors. Our anthurium plants are reasonably priced and can be delivered across the country. Just place the order, make the payment, and your plant will reach you within 5-7 business days.

Though anthurium is recognized as one of the easy to maintain plants, you still need to take care of the plants in the right way.

Below are some essential Care tips for the Anthurium Cut Flower:

  • When you buy anthurium plants, cut around 5 cms from the end of the stem. Put them in clean water in a vase.
  • Change the water from the vase every week. Also, cut 1 cm from the stalk.
  • This will allow the anthuriums to bloom for at least 2-3 weeks. This will enable you to enjoy the flowers for a longer time.
  • The flowers don’t need cut flower food but can tolerate it.
  • You can use floral food with a mixed bouquet.

Right location for placing the anthuriums

Anthurium online

Anthurium is a tropical plant, and these plants thrive in a warm climate as well as humidity. This applies to both anthurium variants. Many people love to place the plant in the bathroom for humidity. Both pot plant and cut flower anthurium should be kept in a room with a temperature between 20 degrees to 22 degrees Celsius. After buying the anthurium plants online, place the pots in a well-lit location. However, don’t place these plants near a hot radiator.

Here’s a look at essential tips for taking care of an Anthurium Pot Plant:

  • Watering

Watering the anthurium on a regular basis is essential, but over-watering is a big No. While you can water the plant once a week, but during summers, you can water the plant twice a week. However, water the plant only when the soil is dry, as overwatering can turn the leaf tips into yellow.

  • Cleaning

You should clean the plants from time-to-time. Just spray little water on the top and bottom of the leaves. This will help in removing pests and dust from the plant. Cleaning will also help in keeping the plants healthy. The leaves will look fresh and shiny.

  • Pruning

Pruning the plant helps in making the plant last longer. Remove discolored and dead leaves. Also, cut dead blossoms from the base of the stem. Not doing so will draw energy from the plant. Once you remove the dead leaves, the plant uses the energy for producing new leaves and flowers.

  • Repotting

When the anthurium gets too big for the pot, you need to repot the plant. You should do this practice in spring as the climate helps in stimulating bud’s formation. Take a new pot that is at least 20% bigger than existing ones. This will allow the plant to grow. Also, use fresh soil. After repotting, the plant should sit at the same soil level as it was in the previous pot.

How to manage anthurium with discolored leaves?

  • If the anthurium’s leaves are brown, this is either having too much or too little water. If the soil tends to be dry, add more water.
  • If the leaves have a yellow glow, then the plant is getting too much sunlight. You need to move your plant to a place with indirect sunlight.
  • If new flowers are coming out in green color, then the plant is getting too little light. Place your plant near the window.

These helpful tips will enable you to take care of the anthuriums. Anthuriums are gorgeous-looking plants. Investing in anthuriums can be a smart choice that will add beauty to your home’s décor. The lovely anthuriums will also make a perfect addition to your indoor gardens. By taking small steps, you can enjoy their beauty for a long.

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