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Lucky Bamboo: Decoding the Stalks

Lucky Bamboo is one of those houseplants that highly relates to the age-old feng shui principles, according to which it draws in prosperous chi energy. Firstly, if someone gifts you one, know that they are wishing a stronger life for you along with success! Secondly, for its magic to work, the five feng shui elements that lucky bamboo represents should be combined appropriately:

  • Earth: The pebbles in the vase symbolize earth that provide a base for the growth of the plant.
  • Water: The water that fills the vase to ensure that it grows beautifully.
  • Wood: The Lucky Bamboo plant itself represents the element of wood.
  • Metal: The glass vase that we set our Lucky Bamboo in embodies the metal element.
  • Fire: The red color symbolizes the fire. Hence, the recommendation is to tie a red ribbon on the bamboo plant, completing the balance.

Now the number of stalks in the famous lucky bamboo plant has different meanings to it, which are great to know and express something by gifting one to someone. Although, bamboos can have as many stalks as you desire as a feng shui cure. Here are certain traditional arrangements that denote meaning:

  • Single Stalk:

The Lucky Bamboo with one stalk is the symbol of commitment and simplicity. The single stalk is not that popular in the community yet but if you want to convey your commitment to someone, it’s the right choice!

  • Double Stalk:

Famous as a gift to newlyweds or lovers, the dual stalk lucky bamboo looks forward to doubling the luck factor and represents the best wishes from the giver to the perfect pair. Hence, it’s a perfect example that depicts the power of two.

  • Three Stalks:

The three stalks bamboo is a favorite among all in terms of combinations. It serves three different lucks to us: Happiness (Fu), Long Life (Soh), and Wealth (Lu). Because of this, it makes a very popular gift selection for New year and birthday.

  • Four Stalks:

The four stalks lucky bamboo is almost forbidden and never given as a gift. Its power to draw negative energy, for instance, can be the issue.

  • Five Stalks:

The five stalks are the ultimate goodness package! With the high positive energy attached to it, the five stalks benefit all areas of our life that affect wealth. Moreover, it is also popularly given to congratulate people on their accomplishments. If you want to ensure success in your life too, keep one near you.

  • Six Stalks:

The six stalks of lucky bamboo entice prosperity and wealth. According to the feng shui beliefs, the six stalks of bamboo also marks the giving of blessing. For it to work its wonders, make some space in your office and home for the six stalks bamboo.

  • Seven Stalks:

Seven is the number that signifies perfection. No wonder the seven stalks of lucky bamboo brings in good health! So, if health is what you are seeking, this one is for you.

  • Eight Stalks:

The eight stalks of bamboo stimulate growth. Hence, it is surrounded by the belief that it improves fertility. So, if you are looking to be parents, do try the eight stalks lucky bamboo.

  • Nine Stalks:

The nine stalks are associated with good luck and fortune, bestowing them upon the people. Therefore, it is a profound gifting option for those who want to give their best wishes to someone in the most eco-friendly way!

  • Ten Stalks:

By sending the ten stalks of lucky bamboo, the giver wishes for you the feeling of being satisfied and complete. So know for a fact that the sender wants you to achieve everything you desire and more.

Lucky bamboo is a perfect plant to attract all the positive energies towards you. This is why it’s ideal to place one at home and workspace to create the right balance and see how luck turns in your favor. In conclusion, we recommend you to get your hands on some here!

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