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This Diwali Invest in Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts to Combat Bad Air Quality

Diwali is one of the most exciting times of the year. We look forward to celebrating the festival of lights and crackers with sweets and gifts. Moreover, the enthusiasm for this day alone is such that people start preparing many days before and celebrate it for days after. Diwali is incomplete without gifting.

Over the years, the gifting trend has been embraced to incorporate scenarios as well. While there are too many typical options when it comes to corporate gifting, let”s make the difference here by getting on the greener side this Diwali. There can be nothing more thoughtful than choosing eco-friendly gifting options for your employees in the wake of the current health crisis and deteriorating air quality.

Plants make for one of the best green gifting options as they offer fresh air and help in purifying the air surrounding us. You can now buy plants online and get them at your doorstep for corporate gifting from Unlimited Greens. We offer a wide variety of plants, garden accessories, garden décor, and tools for meeting people’s diversified needs.

Today’s world has lost the touch with greenery especially in urban areas. Hence, we strive to help more and more people reconnect with greenery and obtain physical and mental benefits!

Here’s a look at some plant gifting options for your staff this Diwali:

  • Aglaonema

It is a south Asian plant with special hybrids. It is easy to maintain and works as an effective air purifier. The only requirement it has is shade. You can’t place it under direct sunlight.

  • Philodendrons

This plant has effective properties to clean the indoor toxic air. Therefore, it is one of the best if you are looking for an air-purifying plant! It is a good indoor plant that needs very little maintenance and can sustain under artificial lights.

  • Peace Lily


This is one of those plants known for cleansing the surrounding air. Not only is it a good choice for keeping at home & office, but it also needs lesser maintenance and medium-light to blossom. Keep it away from direct sunlight to promote healthy growth. The lovely flowers enhance the appearance of indoors.

  • Jasmine plant

Who doesn’t love the amazing fragrance of Jasmine? They make one of the best indoor plants. They spread a lovely fragrance and keep the surroundings fresh. It makes us feel refresh and boosts the mood. Place the plant in a well-lit room and cool temperature to reap the benefits. Let Jasmine plant spread it’s positivity and adds to the décor as well.

Looking for more? Have a lot look at other air purifying plants such as Boston Fern, Spider Plant, Lemon Balm, and Fishtail Fern. If you wish to give luck and prosperity plants to your employees, money plant and lucky bamboo make for a perfect choice.

Make sure you choose a plant keeping these factors in mind:

  • Choosing indoor plants is good for starters.
  • Choose a plant that can flourish in extreme conditions.
  • A plant that brings good luck or purifies the air is a bonus!

This Diwali, buy from Unlimited Greens, online plants store and make a conscious move towards a green lifestyle.

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