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Must-Have Tools For Best Houseplant Care

When Marcus Tullius Cicero said, “If you have a garden in your library, everything will be complete”, he wanted to highlight the supreme power of houseplants in elevating the feel of the place!

Houseplants can remove up to 87% of toxins from the air in 24 hours, and also help in breathing for asthmatics. These are the physical benefits of keeping houseplants that most people know another one that most people are unaware of. Plants also help to reduce stress by increasing the concentration level and mood of a person!

You can check out hundreds of a variety of houseplants here.

Has a parent ever wanted their child to suffer? The same goes for plants! We want them to grow healthy and live longer. But the common problem we face is that without the proper knowledge of houseplants and their maintenance tools, the plants eventually suffer.

Did you know keeping houseplants is not a new trend but has been around since the Harappa Civilization? That’s right!

Just like a child, plants also require some extra care to flourish. Most importantly, they require more than watering. Here gardening tools play a crucial role. For your plants to thrive beautifully, all you need to add to your gardening process are some essential tools that will fulfill the needs of your plants correctly!

The end outcome of using these tools will be happier, healthier, and greener plants, just how we like them!

Below are some of the must-have gardening tools:



Khurpa is a cutting tool that is majorly used for digging soil in gardens and plant pots. A classic Khurpa features a narrow, deep dish to carry a limited amount of dirt with every scoop so that the plant does not get damaged.

Khurpa is a perfect tool to make the process of potting your plants, adding soil amendments, or transplanting your seedlings easier!




Pruning Secateur

Pruning secateur online


Pruning Secateur is a scissor-like tool, particularly used on plants. When plants are starting to overgrow, you require a good pair of shears pruning. This will help manage the growth of the plant while allowing you to harvest some flowers. They are strong enough to prune stiff branches of shrubs and trees, sometimes up to two centimeters thick.





Garden Fork 

A garden fork is a gardening implement with a handle and some short, sturdy tines. It is used for loosening and turning over soil in gardening and farming. Moreover, houseplants may not have the same access to nutrients so, adding fertilizer and compost to a houseplant can provide it with the minerals it needs with the help of your garden fork to break up the soil and by making sure it is properly fertilized.






Watering Can

Watering can


A watering can is a portable container, usually with a handle and a funnel. Ideally, plants should be watered from the crown or at the base. Hence, to fill their needs in the best possible way, it’s best to use a watering can. What’s more? Its presence reminds you to water the plants regularly!






Grass Cutter

grass cutter


Grass cutters have many intended uses and come in many sizes and types. They all have roughly the same use: to keep the grass trimmed! A small & handy grass cutter is required for houseplants. Moreover, it trims the bushes or shrubs too.





All these tools are perfect for your gardening needs and to maintain the health of your plants in the best way possible. Moreover, the essential tools will make your gardening experience more enriched and will spike your interest when you see your plants thanking you!

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