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What Are the Psychological Benefits of Plants?

Isn’t it fascinating how psychology has to do something with just everything? Well, it sure is! Today, let’s dwell on knowing nature helps us live our lives better. To start with, let us think of the ways of how we depend on nature and its greenery. The work pressure takes a toll on us- we go to the nearest park for some air; the noise of the city comes out frustrating- we take tours to the top of the mountains to clear our heads; when sadness overpowers us for no reason, taking deep breaths by the seashore under a clear blue or a starry night sky helps as one of the best stress busters.

Living in nature, or even simply observing the natural sceneries, reduces anger, fear, and anxiety and helps to keep the stress hormones in check.

Sadly, our busy lives, offices built among the outcries of the cities of today’s world do not let us enjoy too many vacation periods, period! Lucky are the ones who are allowed to though! For the rest of us, plants and a lot of plants are our best options.

According to color psychology, green is the ultimate color that represents nature and because of its strong association with nature, it is believed to have the power to evoke powerful emotions.

Mental health plants

Several studies that have been made for ages, support the notion that exposure to natural settings can help in the overall well-being of people of all ages. Be it for young children at home or the environment surrounding the workstations of working adults or be it for patients dealing with various mental health problems; be it indoors or outdoors, being surrounded by plant life significantly enhances the social, psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being. A few of such advantages disclosed by several experts include the following:

  1. Stress and anxiety reduction: Green brings the feelings of abundance, growth, peace, and refreshment. It is, therefore, that spending time amidst nature helps to speed up recovery from emotional fatigue, slow down the heart rate apart from bringing down the high blood sugar. The feeling of rest and security that comes with it, thereby helps us to reduce stress and manage anxiety better.
  2. Reduced symptoms of depression: Walks through nature, therapy sessions in open fields and gardens have been repeatedly proven to be beneficial for patients with symptoms of depression by several researchers and mental health experts as compared to urban environments.
  3. Stronger memory recollection: In comparison to those who exercised through well-trafficked urban areas, participants who walked through greener spaces, natural environments, and forest-like settings such as an arboretum, were better able to remember better since greenery and silence help people focus and concentrate better.
  4. Helps to cope better with post-traumatic stress: Nature has been a significant factor in reducing the post-traumatic symptoms of several struggling patients. Various horticulture therapists and nature-based rehabilitation programmers have found that veterans and victims of many heart-wrenching traumatic incidents have been able to cope up better and develop more positive states of mind when treated in a natural environment than otherwise.
  5. Improved symptoms of attention-deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD): When several tests were conducted for children diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), it was analyzed by several therapists that even short nature breaks are therapeutic and can increase attention span, working memory and cognitive functioning in children with ADD/ADHD.
  6. Increased productivity and improved attention: Since the colors of the plants and creepers release feelings of calmness and peace, the minds of employees and students are able to be more productive and concentrate more on what’s in front of them and where they are supposed to than being engulfed with distraction. Naturally, in today’s era of hyper-competitiveness, focusing without worries is a tough task for many. In such cases, soothing plants around you can have effective results by helping you and your children to keep calm, stay relaxed, keep bad moods away, and thus enhance your attention span.
  7. Increased levels of creativity: Studies have found people to be more creative when surrounded by greeneries and nature instead of staying shut in urban rooms with no natural elements. After all, nature is the mother of all creations and that is why you will often see artists and creative people with a boosted sense of vitality and energy evident in their work when surrounded by nature.
  8. Enhances cognitive abilities and reduces aggressive behaviour: Being actively engaged in gardening and lawn activities has also proven helpful to improve cognitive abilities and reduce or control aggressive behaviours.


cognitive benefits

To conclude, if you are searching for opportunities to redecorate your home or just the work environment, this is your time! Pick your favourites from our extensive collections of plants and surround yourself with feelings of comfort, content, and relaxation throughout the day, every day. 

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