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Plants Best Suited With Your Zodiac Sign

Are you ready to become a proud plant parent? Don’t know which plant you should bring home? Luckily, we can be of help.

Picking out a houseplant may seem easy. However, there are many things to consider in the process. Plants have different lifespans, temperaments, and care routines. Hence, the right plant should be able to fit your personality and lifestyle.

Interestingly, your stars can be of help in this department. Yes, your zodiac sign gives several tell-tell signs of your personality. As a result, using your zodiac sign as a guide can be particularly beneficial in finding your ideal houseplant.

If you wish to give it a try, we have curated a list of perfect houseplants based on each zodiac sign.

For the Free-Spirited Aquarius!

Aquarians don’t like restrictions in their lives. They are easy going and independent. Hence, the liberal nature of Pothos, English Ivy, and Lifesaver plants make an ideal choice.

As Lifesavers don’t require much maintenance, they suit their personality pretty well. Besides, the helpful nature of Aquarians is complemented by Pothos – the air-purifying plant.

For the Compassionate Pisces!


This zodiac sign is empathetic towards others. Hence, the Aloe Vera and ZZ plants go well with the pleasure-seeking, kind, and imaginative personality of a Piscean.

Aloe Vera’s healing and low-maintenance properties suit Pisces people well. Furthermore, the ZZ plant works great too because of its adaptability to low-light settings. In addition, the easy-going nature of the Spider Plant also blends well with the unselfish Pisces.

For the Confident Aries!

Most Aries individuals come across as straightforward, motivated, and confident. Hence, the qualities of Cactus and Snake plants match perfectly with this zodiac.

Cactus plants have a tough exterior, which goes well with the daring and strong Aries personality. Similarly, the sharp features of the snake plant resemble Aries’ frank attitude. The ornamental & succulent looks of Aeonium Arboreum & Aeonium Castillo will also be perfect for this zodiac sign.

For the Hardworking Taurus!

A Taurus person is known for being practical, hardworking, and stubborn. Consequently, the Fiddle Leaf Fig and Bromeliad pair well with this zodiac sign.

Fiddle leaf figs are demanding and require special care. As a result, they seem perfect for the Taurus sign. Further, the temperamental nature of Bromeliads is usually in sync with the stubborn Taurus sign.

People with this zodiac sign are assertive, which makes Aglaonema plants perfect for them. In addition, the bossy yet beautiful Asparagus Dwarfs also complements the Taurus’ personality.

For the Optimistic Gemini!

Philodendron - Zodiac Plant


Geminis are famous for their flexible, positive, and enthusiastic nature. Thus, Succulents, Philodendron, and Anthurium plants suit this sign effortlessly.

Succulents are colourful, sturdy, and low maintenance, which goes handy with this zodiac sign. Similarly, the cheerful nature of Philodendron and Anthurium plants complements Gemini’s optimism. And if it comes to adding an alluring touch, Aralia plants would go a long way.

For the Gentle Cancer!

For a Cancerian’s soft, sentimental, and family-oriented nature, Spider plants and Money Trees would seem perfect.

The zodiac sign is extremely caring and sweet. Hence, the forgiving feature of a Spider plant has a way of touching the supportive side of a Cancerian. Similarly, they won’t even mind pampering a Money Tree. The plant will also, in return, bring fortune and prosperity to the person. Furthermore, another excellent option for Cancerians would be the protective Dumb Cane plant.

For the Charismatic Leo!

The cheerful, warm, and charismatic personality is what draws people to Leos. As a result, the Crown of Thorns, Flamingo Lily, and Red Aglaonema tend to match the fiery spirit of Leos.

The deep confidence of a Leo is reflected through the Crown of Thorns. Similarly, no plant could accentuate Leo’s showy character better than a Flamingo lily. Furthermore, the Red Aglaonema complements the cheerful and warm of Leo pretty well. Finally, the vibrancy of the Acera Palm also goes splendidly with the flamboyant traits of a Leo.

For the Supportive Virgo!

Virgos believe in delivering the best quality of work because of their responsible nature. Their determined work ethic is an excellent match for Rubber tree and Orchids.

The Rubber Tree often needs a lot of care, which ignites the responsible side of a Virgo. On the other hand, the beautiful Orchid flowers complement the aesthetic sense of the zodiac sign. As Virgos are often overthinkers, getting an Aloe Rauli can be de-stressing because it’s easy to care for it.

For the Art-Loving Libra!

Peace lily - zodiac plants

As Libras are gracious and art-lovers, they should consider going with a Peace Lily or Tree Philodendron. Both the plants are exquisite and beautiful. Therefore, they pair exceptionally well with the artistic nature of a Libra. Furthermore, Tillandsia, a famous air plant, will also go incredibly well with this air sign.

For the Straightforward Scorpio!

Scorpios are independent, straightforward, and determined. Therefore, they need plants that are hardy and can tell them what they exactly need. As a result, Kalanchoes and Dracaena plants make the perfect companions for this zodiac sign. In addition, as Adenium plants are popular for their toughness, they also pair effortlessly with Scorpios.

For the Adventurous Sagittarius!

Sagittarians are wanderers, known for their ambition and free spirit. They should opt for a plant that complements their travel lifestyle. Hence, Air Plants make excellent houseplants for this particular zodiac sign. Alocasia plants are lucky for Sagittarians, which is why they make the perfect birthday gift for this zodiac sign. Similarly, the contrasting appearance of the Alocasia Reginula strikes a chord with the colourful personality of a Sagittarian.

For the Disciplined Capricorn!

Capricorns are traditional, responsible, and driven by rules. Thus, a Bonsai plant would suit them well because it needs a lot of care and patience. Besides, the control freak inside a Capricorn would need some good luck. Hence, a Lucky Bamboo might be of help there.

Araucaria plants, known for their beauty and sturdy appearance, go perfectly well with this zodiac sign.

It is always right to buy a plant that complements our lifestyle and personality. Since our zodiac sign determines many of the traits we possess, getting a houseplant based on that wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

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