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How To Grow Money Plant In Water

Money Plant is the most common houseplant across Asia, found almost everywhere! The plant has been a part of both rural and urban Indian family’s household. Furthermore, it’s believed they are native to Australia and Southeast Asia.

Money plants are well-known for bringing positivity, prosperity, and good luck to you. Vaastu and Feng Shui point out that money plants have a strong influence on financial well-being. Besides that, this plant is one of the best to power the house with filtered air and increased oxygen flow!

Did you know the leaves of money plants are used as vegetables too? The seeds of this plant are tiny and taste just like peanuts. Hence, not only does the money plant bring wealth and prosperity, but it also brings good health. And there are some people who like to keep money plants inside the kitchen as well.

Still looking for reasons to get one for yourself? Then below are some of the points that will pique your interest in it:
  • It’s an excellent indoor plant due to its ability to survive in low light. Also, money plants are easy to care for & are suitable for the living room, balcony, bedroom, & perfect for hanging baskets.
  • Each branch of this indoor plant has five glossy bright green leaves. Concerning Feng Shui, the five leaves represent water, fire, wood, metal, and earth, respectively!
  • Did you know money plants absorb radiation? Feng Shui experts and scientists recommend keeping one plant near each computer, television, or Wi-Fi router.
  • This plant helps in reducing stress as well! How, you ask? You can start by placing a money plant in front of a sharp corner or angle. Studies reveal this placement helps reduce anxiety and stress. Moreover, it’s helpful to avoid conflicts and sleep disturbances too.
Below are different varieties of Money Plants to grow in water:
  1. Green Money Plant

Green money plant is the most popular one, which is the first choice of every beginner. It is a very hardy plant that does not die quickly and looks fantastic, hanging or hanging on a wall.







  1. Variegated Money plant or Gold King


Variegated money plant is the closest cousin of the green money plant, with a slight variation. It has beautiful green colour leaves with different shapes and shades. Moreover, it is capable to clean several types of airborne pollutants. This money plant is a specialist air purifier plant that removes benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene from the indoor air.






  1. Golden Money Plant

Golden money plant is also known as the golden pothos or devil’s ivy. It’s one of the most popular plants owing to its green and golden leaves that also resemble dollar bills.







  1. N’joy Pothos

N’joy is a pothos with various small white/green leaves. This variety has solid stems, which makes it ideal for interior capes.








5. Marble Money Plant

Money Plant Marble features unique white variegations on glossy, heart-shaped green leaves. As the name indicates, its leaves show a texture of white marble and bright green colour.






  1. Satin Money Plant

Money Plant Satin has large, blue, green leaves with a beautiful variety of white soles that can make any home corner stand out.






How To Grow Money Plant in Water


For growing a money plant in the water, you’ll require the following things to proceed:

  • A glass jar, vase, or bottle, perhaps with a wide mouth.
  • Clean and fresh water.
  • Fertilizer (only if necessary)

How to proceed:

  1. Use a glass jar or planter, preferably transparent to easily monitor the growth of roots in new plants. Remember, you can always change it into a black vase to block the light to reduce algae growth.
  2. Take clean & freshwater to fill it. Besides, you can also use tap water to do the needful.
  3. Adding fertilizer in the pot before putting the plant in will promote better plant growth! All purposes fertilizer will work best with it.
  4. Our pot will be ready for planting after the use of fertilizer. Place the plant into the chosen planter filled with water from the cut side. Then, ensure that the bottom edge of the plant has no leaves and the nodes are absorbed in the water.



Care Tips For Your Money Plant

Here are some care tips for money plant to thrive beautifully:

  • Light Money plants don’t require direct sunlight. It can stand bright light, but the best results are achieved with medium indirect sunlight.
  • WaterBe sure to change the water in the pot at least once a week, as the roots need oxygen to grow well, which the water loses with time.
  • TemperatureIt requires a minimum temperature of 14-16 °C (57-60 °F) and optimal temperature: 22-26 °C (71-78 °F). At a temperature lower than ten °C, leaves turn yellow and develop spots.
  • HumidityThe money plant benefits from higher humidity. Summers are a preferable climate for them! Forced air environments are also suitable for them.
  • FertilizerIt is recommended to add 1/4 liquid fertilizer to the water. Hence, you can add this fertilizer to the water every 4-6 weeks.
  • PropagationYou can quickly propagate this plant through stem cutting. Therefore, simply cut the stem carefully and plant it directly in the soil.


Fun Fact:

In Taiwan, a popular folk story is told of a poor man who prayed for relief from his penury. One day he found a money plant behind his home, which he believed was an answer to his prayers. His care and nurturing of this plant yielded seeds, nuts, and more plants which he sold and bought an end to his troubles. Since then, its given as a gift in the hope of bringing prosperity to the recipient.

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Apr 22, 2024

It is an easy to handle plant that enhances your home’s decor. It is an anti-radiator, air purifier, and excellent fighter against various weather conditions. It can be placed at south eastern corner of your house to reduce stress, and anxiety and improve health and prosperity.

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